Flintlock pistol signed "Barnett London",... - Lot 190 - Pousse-Cornet

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Flintlock pistol signed "Barnett London",... - Lot 190 - Pousse-Cornet
Flintlock pistol signed "Barnett London", circa 1825-1830 Octagonal case-hardened barrel in the first third then round cal. 11 mm (45.), the upper side signed "Barnett London" in gold letters, gold light hole, breech tail finely chased with a palmette and scrolls. Flat bevelled body lock with fillet and scroll engraving, signed "Barnett" in printed letters, with push button safety at the rear, flat swan neck hammer engraved with scrolls, gilded steel pan on the inside. Silver trimmings: important counter plate representing trophies of arms and symbols of arts, world map, musical and writing instruments, trigger guard punched and carved with trophies of arms, helmets with swords, halberds, flags, cap with long tail carved with similar decorations, thumb piece with decorations of cannons and flags. Walnut frame entirely decorated with silver fillets and floral motifs, blued steel barrel fixing keys surrounded by silver trim with floral motifs, wooden ramrod with silver tip and support. Total length: 52 cm, length of the barrel: 35,5 cm. Circa 1825-1830. Good condition (wear of the jasper, some minor pitting on the steel parts). IMPRESSIONS: Assay mark, a leopard's head (London), lowercase letter of the year "k" indicating 1825, standard mark, the lion passing, silversmith's mark "E" in a cartouche, half faded. Pistol in the purest neoclassical style in vogue in England under the Regency of George IV (1762-1830) and which is inspired by the style of the XVIIIth century French, for example the imposing counter plate carved with trophies of weapons which one finds on the French pistols of the Louis XIV and Louis XV periods. Signed Barnett, this name designates both a silversmith active at the end of the 18th century in London and who made the silver fittings of a pair of pistols in a style close to this one made by Samuel Brunn for George IV and belonging to the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New-York. Barnett also refers to a family of London gunsmiths in the early 19th century.
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